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Start making money with gaming today! 

Convert your in-game currencies to crypto quickly and easily

into GameX even with zero fees.


Deeply liquid.
Rock solid.

As we never work with customer funds, all assets will be 100 % safe during the exchange process.

GameXchange will open up new ways.

Combining gaming and crypto by allowing you to make money with in-game currencies.

Invest in a huge and steadily growing market.

1.5 billion active gamers just across Asia and 3.09 billion around the world.

a part

Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from this revolution by investing early in the GameX Token.


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Unmatched speed. 
Impeccable reliability.

By 2024, the industry is expected to grow to over $218 billion dollars. On average, millions of people around the world devote a minimum of 6-20 hours a week playing video games, not to mention any mobile platforms. With this growth, gaming is ready to surpass all other entertainment industries as the major form of entertainment and pleasure for all consumers. Despite a healthy market, consumer expectations have changed so dramatically that old revenue models have become outdated, forcing production companies to scramble to find value in new markets. In a world where consumers expect someone else to pay for their content, production companies are struggling to find avenues that allow them to monetize the digital age. 

There are currently millions of in-game currencies that are restricted to individual games and ecosystems. GameXchange will make it possible to change them to Crypto or other in-game currencies.


GameXchange ROADMAP


  • Giveaway

  • Listing CEX with Airdrop

  • Listing Coinmarket

  • Game Developers Conference - GDC San Francisco (USA


  • Announce further Partners

  • Presentation exchange-interface

  • Electronic Entertainment Expo - Los Angeles (USA)


  • gamescom 2023 - Cologne (GER)

  • Airdrop to GameX Holder

  • Launch GameXchange for developers


  • Launch of Exchange

  • Special Reward for GameX Holder

Ready to start with 

To invest in GameX you can easily use Bitmart. Be a part of it and don't miss this special opportunity. 

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